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The AUA Commissions comprises of 5 Commissioners, one from each of the five regions of the Union. The Chairman of a Commission is selected by the Commissioners of the respective Regional Commission and is ratified by the AUA Council. As per common practice, there are 5 Chairman/Chairperson, 1 of each commission, each representing a given region.




The Education Commission guides and coordinates all activities on education in member institutes. The EC is responsible to develop, manage and administer an architectural education validation  and accreditation system of the Union.

The EC further assist in the promotion, establishment and growth of training institution for architecture in Africa.

The EC also develop and disseminate guidelines for managing the evolution of training and qualifications for specialisations in the field of Architecture.

Last but not least, the EC develops guidelines for organising and carrying out student competition.

The Ethics and Practice Commission (EPC) has a key role to provide guidance on all matters regarding the practice and regulation of architecture and to promote the highest standards of architectural practice across Africa (the member sections). 

The EPC develops and coordinates CPD system for the Union. It also develop guidelines, organise and coordinate architectural competitions for the Union. Besides, the EPC is in charge to collecting data to enter into a roster of all registered architects from the Member Sections

In the era of innovation, emergence of AI and new technologies, the practice of architecture has been facing major challenges. The Research and Technology Commission (RTC) has as mandate to pushing the frontiers of architectural research, innovation and development across the continent. It primarily focuses on building technics, construction materials, innovative technologies, etc.

It further has a duty to document research works from students, researches, practitioners et more. Ultimately, the commission has the prerogative to manage the Union's publications, including journals and handbooks and disseminate same as widely as possible.



The Culture Commission, also commonly called the Culture & Heritage commission, (CHC) provides guidance on all matters regarding the documentation, dissemination and infusion of any and all aspects of the African Culture into architecture on the continent.

The CHC sets the agenda, develops and coordinates its own programs accordingly , in consultation with the AUA SG.

The CHC creates linkages with other African and International bodies who share a similar agenda with the aim of spearheading and making discernible progress on the aspects pertaining specifically to the African Continent.

The Habitat & Environment Commission (HEC) is one of the key sub-organs to promoting the UN SGDs and the AU Agenda 2063 with regards to providing decent shelter to one and all.

This commission provides guidance on all matters regarding the habitat and environment issues pertaining to the Continent.


Several Committees have been setup on a Adhoc basis to assist the Council in implementing its agenda.

  • CPD Committee

  • Awards Committee

  • Gender Equality Committee

  • Publication Committee

  • Green Architecture Committee

  • Strategic Development Committee



adopting resilience approach

in developing the continent

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